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BoVO Studio Connections

My Studio Equipment

  • AT897 Line + Gradient Condenser Microphone microphone, Synco Mic-D2 Hypercardioid Shotgun microphone, KAM Crystal, SPC-1 and AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Microphones, Audient ID4 and Audient EVO 4 interfaces , HP Z600 Workstation (2x-Xeon X5550 2.67GHz 40GB 1 TB SSD LInux based (Ubuntu Studio 20.10) primary Studio Workstation, two 3 TB External backup storage units, multiple multi-track editors (Audacity/Reaper/Harrison MixBus/Ardour, audio chain isolation in treated 4' x 6'  home studio recording environment.

  • Also available: Windows-10 based mobile studio rig (Audacity/Reaper); DBX-286A Preamp/Processor, Allen & Heath ZED-10FX console

  • primarily “dry reads” provided; additional production (music library, sound effects) available at additional charge

  • 24/7 turn-around available, FTP, DropBox, PCloud, Skype, ZOOM, phone patch, ipDTL, Source Connect 3.8 Standard, SourceConnect NOW, bodalgoCall

  • (Direct ISDN-connection available via ipDTL)

  • MP3, CD/DVD, .WAV, .AIFF and other file formats

  • Can travel to remote-location studios at client expense

Session Connections

Bo Barker VO CAN connect directly  to your ISDN Connection via ipDTL. 

Ask how!

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