Emmy®-Winning Voice Actor
5-TIme One Voice Awards® (UK & USA) Nominee
SOVAS Voice Arts® Award Nominee


Award of Achievement - 2022 Iowa Motion Picture Awards - Voiceover Narration.png
For "Welcome Home, Red-cockaded Woodpecker" (for Georgia Power Company)
“Best Actor & Director Awards - New York” - (January-February 2022) Edition
(Best Voice Over Performance)
"2022 Iowa Motion Picture Awards"
(Voiceover Narration)

Photo Credit: Dan Kramer, BWN Studios (SisterBoss/Black Label), Minneapolis, MN

BoVO Audio Reels

"...To paint a picture, Bo Barker has the voice of an iron worker recounting the time he saved a kitten from disaster. A gentle blue collar voice whose only desire is to do the job right, and then enjoy a cold beer afterwards with friends... While not afraid to speak up, Bo knows that strength is not in how loud a man is, nor how hard he pumps his fist, but in a quiet fortitude that delivers each and every time. He is the perfect man for your next political campaign, crop commercial, or national truck ad."

-  Jerry Horwath - Owner - Buzz Cutz Audio & Post | Minneapolis, MN

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"...We are always looking for unique and diverse voice talent.  I comb the internet frequently, and ran across Bo Barker.  It was love at first listen!  We have had the pleasure of working with him on several projects.  He is always very responsive, delivers quickly, and nails them every time!"      -  Kim Fox  - Production Coordinator -  Destination Network | Southeastern US Region


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from Los Angeles

"...Bo Barker has one of the richest, most powerful storytelling voices I have ever heard!"

— Jesse Springer,

Award-Winning Producer & National Campaign Voice Talent

 Why Do Respected Businesses & Creatives Across Many Sectors Choose Bo Barker VO (BoVO)?
Even as ‘guy next door’ and ‘conversational’ seem to be the casting ‘spec du jour,’ when it comes to important project efforts that demand a little ‘extra-something’ - a bit more influence or an implied distinction - leading brands, organizations and content producers often turn to the pure authenticity and signature voice texture of Bo Barker VO (BoVO).
Bo's particularly unique tone, and practiced voiceover approach emanates a believable sense of earthy, grounded knowledge with a pragmatism-laden gravitas that comes from true and varied life experience, valleys and peaks, triumphs and defeats, laughter and tears. With a wholly organic vocal foundation, and considerable studio experience working with major clients and creatives in both on-site and remote-connected directed sessions; For better or for worse, what you hear is what you get with Bo. Fine wines, celebrated whiskey blends, and a storyteller's hallmarks all take time and experience to be at their best. A distinguishing vocal tone and pattern evolves in the same manner. 
One can only "give out what you have from within", and savvy ears invariably hear something beyond the inherent quiet authority and subtle power of Bo's voice, and pick up on the demonstrated ability to effectively convey a particular message. Names like Sutherland, Douglas, Freeman, Bridges, Coyote, Cullen, Rowe, Allen and Elliott have often come up in reaction to the various flavors of Bo's distinctive sound, and for good reason... He strikes the same timeless chords of trust, credibility, and reliability, while providing an interpretation on script that is wholly his own. A "Bo-nafide" signature voice to be sure. 
After all, when is the last time you just incidentally asked the 'chatty 20s or 30s-something down the street’ for advice on the things that REALLY mattered? While some people are great to have ‘live next door ,’ you may not be inclined to hand over the reins of your retirement strategy to them or let them sway you on your next big ticket purchase or life decision.
If some of the most respected brands and causes around the globe entrust Bo Barker VO to put his "voice stamp" on their creative vision, it’s a good bet that your next project would do well to do so, too. Reach out to Bo or one of his adept agent partners. You'll be glad that you did. 

Photo By: Tom Hambleton, Undertone Music, Minneapolis, MN


BoVO Biography

  • Emmy® winner for Broadcast Documentary narration

  • Three time - One Voice Awards® (UK) Nominee; Best International Voiceover Performance

  • Two time - One Voice Awards® (USA) Nominee; Gaming (Best performance, male) & Political (Best performance, male)

  • SOVAS Voice Arts® Award Nominee; Outstanding Narration, E-Learning – Best Voiceover

  • Multiple IMPA® Award of Excellence & Award of Achievement winner/nominee for Broadcast Documentary; Web Series  narration; Voiceover Narration

  • Voice of multiple Telly Award® winners

  • Diamond Award Winner (Best Voice Over Performance) by the “Best Actor & Director Awards- New York”

  • Voice of EduAdAwards®, Gold & Silver award winners

  • Voice of ROAM Award ® winner

  • Two time - That's Voiceover®;                     CBS2LA® Audition Spotlight Top 40 advancing contestant 

  • VO Mastery®: WINK-TV® Promo competition winning finalist; Audiobook Narration Honorable Mention

  • Voice of multiple film festival circuit award winners

  • One of the MVO:Voice-Over Guys®

Photo By: Jennifer Meyer - Meyer Creative Studio

"...You continue to make me so proud to know you and to be in the stands cheering you on! Go Bo!!!"

-  Randy Thomas - VO Mentor / Coach / (Valued Friend!)

(One of the most recognizable voices in America. Voice of Academy Awards®, Tony Awards®, Rock & Roll  Hall of Fame ®, Kennedy Center Honors®, ABC's NIghtline® and more.)

Emmy® Award Winner (2015) (Broadcast Narration)
3-time One Voice Awards® (UK) Nominee (2018/2019/2021)
(Best International Voiceover Performance - Male)
2-time One Voice Awards® (USA) Nominee (2021)
(Gaming - Best Performance - Male)
(Political - Best Performance - Male)
SOVAS Voice Arts® Award Nominee (2021)
(Outstanding Narration, E-Learning – Best Voiceover)
Voice of multiple
Telly Award® winners

Bo Barker is an Emmy® and other industry award-winning professional full-time voice talent with what has been described as "a familiar voice with an undeniable and compelling tone". Barker's voice has been selected to lend a distinctive flavor to nationwide product launches and he has voiced industry award-winning commercial work. Barker has been featured in major studio VOD/BluRay/DVD and online film release trailers; award-winning documentary and narration projects with established producers in major regional and national markets; radio station imaging in both the US and abroad and various event promotions and corporate projects. Barker has also lent his voice to worthy charitable and non-profit causes in the past. Bo Barker operates daily from his modern, equipped, and digitally-connected home-based studio within a historic Iowa farmhouse in the Midwestern USA. 

He has voiced for some of the most recognized brands in the marketplace, as well as for leading Hollywood movie studios and content producers. He is represented by respected agents in the major media hubs and regional markets across the U.S.

When not on the microphone, Bo enjoys working with select individuals and businesses as a recognized professional Intuitive Consultant and Life Coach. With a diverse professional background honed prior to his established VO benchmarks, he also has mentored and advised aspiring and top-level working Voice actors on aspects related to their own ongoing success in the Voiceover industry.

Bo is presently single and although he raised, trained and exhibited registered American Quarter horses and American Paint horses for many years, his present menagerie is limited to two "studio cats" along with a vigilant Rat Terrier and curious Boxer-mix female canines who keep the remote farmstead known as RedStone Farms secure.

Voice of EduAdAwards®, Gold & Silver award winners
IMPA Logo.png
Multiple IMPA® winner/nominee
Voice Over Narration
Voice of ROAM Award® winner
Diamond Award Winner (Best Voice Over Performance) by the “Best Actor & Director Awards- New York”

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